21 Best YouTube To MP3 Converters

Some of the top tools to convert your favorite YouTube video to an MP3


Your search for the best YouTube to MP3 Converters ends here. Here we bring you an in-depth and hands-on list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters that allow you to download music files of your favorite YouTube video.

This way you can save your favorite songs, online lectures, speeches, and so on your device so that you can listen to them later. 

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. With millions of people making YouTube content each new day, the options to consume content on YouTube are endless.

Whether you want to extract the audio from a podcast on YouTube or want to listen to instrumental music from a YouTube video, using some of the best tools available on the internet, you can take audio from YouTube videos on the go on your mobile phone.

So here we begin with our list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters:

01. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a very popular option when it comes to downloading videos. This software is used by millions of users and is one of the most comprehensive options in this list of YouTube to MP3 converters.

You can download the subtitles along with the video. And not only a single but you can download an entire playlist. You can download a video and save it as an MP3 file with a click.

Along with YouTube, this software supports most of the leading sites to download content from such as Vimeo, TikTok, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Naver TV, and others

  • Offer a free plan
  • Supports multiple sites along with YouTube
  • Private YouTube content download option
  • 3D video download option

02. Wondershare UniConverter

One of the easiest-to-use options available in this list, Wondershare UniConverter is a great option for people who are looking for a quick and easy-to-use YouTube to MP3 converter.

The compressor integrated enables compression without quality loss. Irrespective of the device you use, Wondershare UniConverter has everything you need to download mp3 from your favorite YouTube video. Some of the top features included are:

  • Video tool optimization
  • Customization options available
  • DVD toolkit is a very powerful
  • 30-days refund policy with updates for lifetime 

03. 4K Download MP3 Converter

One of the most famous names, 4K Download MP3 Converter works with a lot of other platforms as well, such as Vimeo, Soundcloud, VEVO, and all the other major platforms.

The platform allows users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 by just simply dragging and dropping videos into the converter.

The tool requires no sort of registration at all. It’s quick and very easy to use. You can also tweak the audio quality easily as per your choice. The tool also integrates a built-in audio player as well. 

  • High-Quality audio downloads
  • Integrates a Smart Mode 
  • Fast and easy downloads

04. VideoProc

VideoProc is one of the most comprehensive solutions that enables you to download and convert any kind of video. It is said to be the fastest YouTube to Audio converter available in the market these days.

The tool allows you to download videos from YouTube without sacrificing the quality even a single bit.

You can download complete videos, playlists, as well as YouTube channels with a single click. You can convert video into any format, for example, mp3, m4a, mp4, Flv, and so on. 

  • 420+ formats available 
  • Search facility available 
  • Record live videos

05. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

The name says a lot about the tool here. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter allows you to add multiple files for mp3 conversion. You can just leave the conversion untouched until downloaded.

The converter allows you to easily download complete YouTube video channels in just a few clicks. The average speed offered here is regarded as one of the best in the competition. The USP of the tool remains the best for bulk downloads. 

  • Top-class interface
  • Complete batch mp3 conversion 
  • It offers the conversion for all major video formats

06. aTube Catcher

Another famous name in the YouTube to mp3 converter list, aTube Catcher is a feasible option for all users, including beginners and top-enterprise level experts.

Using aTube Catcher allows you to save a lot of computer resources as well without any effort. The tool offers additional features, such as DVD/VCD burning, an in-built screen recorder, and video chat sessions from different video mediums. 

  • Works on all different devices 
  • Offered in a lot of different languages 
  • Supports a lot of different formats

07. YTMP3

After the fall of the world-famous YouTube to mp3 converter Vubey, YTMP3 has gained a lot of popularity. YTMP3 is one of the most reliable options available in the market.

The average download speed on this platform is considered very fast and intuitive. Also, users don’t face any kind of disturbing ads while videos are converted and downloaded.

The tool allows you to convert it into any type of video file. Here, two major download options are offered, mp3 and mp4, both of which work fine. 

  • No registration required 
  • Convert videos into long mp3 files
  • No third-party integrations needed 

08. MP3FY

MP3FY is also really simple to use YouTube to mp3 converter that allows you to convert videos into mp3 and mp4. The complete conversion process needs only two clicks.

The convenience and flexibility are simply amazing. The converter allows you to download videos into mp3 from more than 1000 websites. The tool offers high-quality video conversion, which is 320 kbps.

The tool also allows you to download blocked and restricted content from YouTube.  

  • The built-in video search function
  • Download audiobooks and long music loop
  • Offers high bitrate, up to 320kbps

09. GenYouTube

GenYouTube converter is also a comprehensive solution. The tools allow you to download any kind of video from YouTube. Simply enter the link of the YouTube video and get downloads into mp3, mp4, wav format. 

The tool performs almost everything it promises on the website. If you pay attention to the quality of the converted files, you will not be able to distinguish them from the original.

  • Offered over 55 formats to convert in
  • Empowers you with extensions for all different browsers
  • Very fast and easy to use

10. BigConverter

A complete online tool, BigConverter allows you to download YouTube videos into various audio files, including the famous mp3. The converter allows you to download videos of top-notch quality.

Other video platforms support includes Instagram, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google Drive, and so forth.

The platform offers a complete solution for cross-platform and cross-device support. Integrated features include a file editor, cloud support, and YouTube support portals. 

  • Supports various Mp3 and M4a audio formats
  • Cut and make mp3 into ringtones 
  • Download and convert files direct into DropBox accounts

11. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter has a huge range of products for Windows and Mac OS platforms. The integrated Free Video Converter converts videos from your own computer, as well as from the internet.

With support for over 160+ output formats, the tool offers 100% lossless quality. 

  • Record and capture video screens easily with top-class quality 
  • 100+ sites included as well as YouTube
  • Rip and easily extract CDs and computer files

12. Freemake

Freemake is a totally free YouTube to mp3 audio converter. The platform doesn’t ask you to sign up for any form or has no limitations or restrictions on usage. To convert the video into audio, all you have to do is copy the video link in the converter.

The platform uses multi-thread download mechanisms. You can easily convert multiple URLs simultaneously at a very fast pace. The tool integrates a built-in music player and also allows you to download complete albums. 

  • Automatically detect high-quality videos 
  • Smart-search suggestions 
  • Lists all possible versions 

13. Ontiva

Ontiva is another contender for the best comprehensive video converter available. Users can easily have a lot of output options. The software is absolutely free to use. There is absolutely no need to install any added or third-party tool on your computer. 

  • No limit on downloads
  • Very simple to use interface
  • Fully Free to use 

14. Dirpy

Dirpy is also an easy-to-use YouTube converter. The tool is completely free to use and converts YouTube videos to mp3 audio files easily.

Similar to other websites, here you will have to paste links from YouTube into the converter to begin the conversion. 

  • Dirpy has a very clean interface.
  • You can download complete video files
  • Extract the audio effortlessly

15. YTD Video Downloader

Download videos effortlessly from any video hosting or media-sharing website. Formats supported here are almost endless, including mp3.

  • Player included
  • Resume and pause downloads
  • Stable and easy to use

16. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is another very handy software to convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 versions. You can save the files as an audio track on your PC or Mac.

You can use this software to download videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and other platforms along with YouTube. So, it is surely a very handy software for your regular use.

The software is free to download and easy to use. Once you install it, you can grab the URL of the videos you wish to download and select MP3 as the chosen format. You also have the option to select the quality of your download.

  • Free to use
  • Simple download option
  • Option to select the quality of the downloaded file
  • Works with sites other than YouTube as well

17. Converto.io

Converto.io is a robust YouTube to mp3 converter that is fast and reliable. This free online tool enables you to convert YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4. 

The user experience of Converto.io is next level, you just need to paste the YouTube video URL, and you’re set to go. The beauty of this platform is, that you don’t have to download any software — the tool is cloud-hosted. 

This platform also has a robust Telegram bot which makes this platform flexible. The telegram bot of Converto.io converts video/audio fast and easily compared to other platforms.

Once you’re done converting, you can easily edit filenames, ID3 tags, trim parts, change the video quality, etc. 

  • Free to use
  • Allows you to edit filenames
  • The converting process is fast & snappy
  • The tools allow you to adjust videos quality
  • You can edit video by cutting & removing specific parts

18. MyConverters.com

MyConverters.com is a one-stop free solution for video and image processing. With this online tool, you can easily convert video/audio files from one format to another.

This tool is powerful and comes with different converting tools and features. Such as it has a robust YouTube to MP3 downloader. 

The YouTube to MP3 converter is snappy; all you need is to click on “Start to Convert” and paste the YouTube video link. You’re good to go.

The best part is that MyConveters.com has a new AI-based tool that allows you to remove the background from the images. 

Before removing the background of videos and photos, you should ask the creator first before doing that. 

  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-hosted converter
  • The interface is snappy
  • Allows you to remove the background of images. 

19. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is another YouTube-to-MP3 converter that allows you to convert any video into MP3 format. The best part, you can convert videos from — YouTube, Facebook, Youku, and DailyMotion.

This platform’s key takeaway is that it supports various formats such as MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM. 

The conversion process with Y2Mate is really easy; you just need to enter the video URL, and BOOM! With Y2Mate, you do an unlimited conversion and download the download without spending a single dime. Y2Mate is compatible with all the browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc. 

Note: If you want to convert YouTube video to MP3 on the go, just add — pp right after YouTube. Just refer to the screenshot below: 

  • Unlimited free downloads 
  • No sign-up/registration required
  • High-speed video converter
  • It supports all formats for downloading

20. BlueConvert

BlueConvert is a reliable and powerful YouTube to MP3/MP4 converter that is free to use.

The platform is cloud-hosted, which means you can convert YouTube videos on the browser itself. What’s more, BlueConvert has a lightweight App for Windows/ Mac, Linux, Android that helps you to convert YouTube videos on the go. 

BlueConvert supports all devices and platforms. You can easily convert YouTube videos to MP3/MP4 files.

YouTube video conversion with BlueConvert is real quick and easy– no registration required, just enter the video URL, and that’s it! Then you just need to select the format of your choice and then click on “Download.” 

  • Easy & Fast converting
  • Full-Platform supported
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP4/MP3

21. DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft is one of the popular platforms for converting and downloading YouTube videos. DVDVideoSoft offers two different apps for Windows: 

Once you download and install the tool, you just need to copy and paste the YouTube video link. After that, you can convert the YouTube video to MP3 real quick and easy. You can easily extract audios from show lists, playlists, channels, watch later, and so on. 

The only down part of this tool, it is not cloud-hosted; you need to download and install the software to your Windows PC. Overall, it’s a reliable way to convert YouTube videos to MP3. 

  • Provides Windows app 
  • Allows you to download YouTube videos. 
  • Easily convert YouTube videos to MP3.

FAQs About Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

Q1. What is a YouTube to MP3 Converter?

YouTube to Mp3 converters is online or offline software that can help you to create an Mp3 version of any YouTube video so that you can listen o it on the go.

Q2. How can YouTube to MP3 Converters Help?

There are so many different types of videos on YouTube, while some are good for a video version some other types of videos such as songs, motivational talks, and discussions are good as an audio version that you can listen to while you are driving or doing something else. So, a quality YouTube to MP3 converter can help you to convert your favorite videos to an audio file.

Q3. Can I Download a Video in MP3 Version Right on YouTube?

No, you can’t. YouTube doesn’t give you an option to download and video.

Q4. Are YouTube to MP3 Converters Free?

Yes, most of the software that we listed in this article offers you a free opinion to download a YouTube video in MP3 version.

Final Word

The list of the Best YouTube to MP3 converters ends here. Choose the one that fits perfectly with all your needs and make sure you have your mp3 music on the go! 

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