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Article spinning is a process of creating multiple new versions of content pieces from a readily existing content.
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What is Article Spinning?

Article spinning is the word for reworking articles to make them appear unique to search engines, frequently with the use of software. Because less original material needs to be generated, the site owner can scale their link-building effort while also saving time and money.

Article spinning was once used in off-page SEO, however, it is now viewed as a black hat technique that is against search engine standards.

What is Article Spinning?

Importance of Article Spinning

  • You can increase organic traffic to your websites by posting these new articles that contain keywords.
  • Submitting these articles along with your website link at the end of the post can give your website a backlink, boosting traffic and revenue.

Why Article Spinning is Used?

  • The majority of the time, content spinning is utilized as a fast cut to avoid investing a lot of time in creating original content.
  • Additionally, it serves as a protection against plagiarism and duplicate material, both of which could result in Google penalizing you for using illegal SEO techniques.
  • To prevent plagiarism, the majority of writers may inevitably use a form of content spinning. When researching a subject, we don’t want to simply replicate the material we found online; but, our understanding of the subject may not be sufficient to enable us to write about it on our own.

How does Article Spinning work?

  • Writing content is the first step in the article-spinning process. This could, for instance, be a blog post or an educational essay
  • The content would then be sent into “spinning software,” which transforms the original into hundreds or perhaps thousands of new versions.
  • After then, the revised articles would be posted on various websites, generating a vast network of backlinks to the original.
  • This misleads Google into believing the original content is extremely well-liked and reliable, and it rewards it with high rankings in SERPs.

Why is Article Spinning bad for SEO?

  • Article spinning fails as an SEO tactic due in part to the intricacy of Google’s algorithm. Even if the content produced by article spinning is generally understandable, a human reader can quickly spot anything is “wrong” with it. 
  • If you display a spun piece to a stranger on the street who doesn’t have their own website, they might ask “Was this written by someone who isn’t a natural English speaker?” rather than “That article appears spun.
  • Spun articles can be challenging to read, and because of this, readers are less inclined to finish them. They won’t want to link back to the articles or share them. Google will recognize the spun content.

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