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An Ad Network works as a marketplace between advertisers and publishers. All you need to know about Ad Network here.

Ad Network
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What is an Ad Network?

A technology platform known as an ad network enables the sale of ad inventory between publishers and advertisers. It is a phrase only applied to internet advertisements and digital media. An ad network can be thought of as a kind of broker, gathering a significant number of impressions from publishers and then offering them for sale to advertisers.

The current market for exchanging digital media, advertising technology, or adtech, includes ad networks. The majority of publishers who list their ad space for sale seek ad networks to attract customers.

Why to Use an Ad Network?

A broader range of choices

When publishers and advertisers choose to buy or sell through an ad network, the number of possibilities available to them expands.

Automatically matched with premium impressions

As an advertiser, the process of searching for content that suits your needs can be time-consuming and inconvenient. An ad network will handle it for you.

Expanded ad reach and quick cash

On an ad network, there is something for everyone. In view of the network’s ability to match advertisers with premium packages, excellent ROI is promised to advertisers. Publishers, on the other hand, can make money right away through ad networks by selling their inventory as soon as they have a website in place.

Features of an Ad Network

Capabilities for targeting audiences

As an advertiser, you must be aware of your target market when establishing your campaign. Before choosing an ad network, you should be aware of the needs for each platform since different ad networks allow various targeting possibilities.

Various formats are available

You can prefer to use a straightforward banner ad or an animated GIF to advertise because different ad networks offer various forms.

Ease of access and consistency

This is one of the most important qualities to consider when selecting an ad network. Others are completely plug-and-play, while some may need manual, coding-based interfaces. Additionally, modern ad networks could be hosted on the cloud, raising questions about service availability.

Quality of the inventory

Different types of inventory work with various ad networks. Some just sell unsold products, while others offer quality inventory sourced from top-tier publishers. Make sure to check the quality of the available inventory before selecting an ad network.

Ad Network Pricing Options

Here are a few pricing choices that advertising networks typically provide for buyers of inventory.

  • Cost Per Thousands Impression (CPM)
  • Viewable CPM (vCPM)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per View Of Video (CPV)

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