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Know everything about Alt Tag Attribute and how it can help you to optimize your images.

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What is an Alt Tag Attribute?

An Alt Tag is a text attribute that can describe the image when it cannot be displayed. It is also called a “text alternative”. This tag should contain an alternate text for the image, often displayed in browsers that do not support images or have photos turned off.

The alt tag should be descriptive but concise and not too long. The text inside an alt tag is not visible in the browser, but it can be read by people who cannot see or hear.

Web accessibility ensures everyone can use and access your website in a way that suits them best. It includes people with disabilities and people browsing without assistive technologies, like screen readers or screen magnifiers.

What is Alt Tag Attribute

Why do I Need to Include it?

The ALT attribute provides a textual alternative to an image when it cannot be displayed, such as when users have turned off images in their browsers. You can also use it to provide additional information about the image.

The ALT attribute is not required for every image and should only be included if the image provides essential information. The ALT attribute should not be used as a replacement for the text that is already on the page.

How to Find if Your Image Needs an ALT Attribute & How to Add One

Images sometimes come with an ALT attribute. When they don’t, you can add one to the image by following these steps:

1) Click on the image and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

2) On the “General” tab, make sure you have selected “Alt Text” from the list of properties.

3) Enter your desired text in the text box next to Alt Text.

4) Click “OK.”

Start Including ALT Attributes on Your Images Today

Obtaining relevant search engine rankings without alt tags is a daunting task. Alt tags are necessary to ensure that users can view your images.

Alt tags are vital for web accessibility, but they’re often overlooked by web admins who aren’t aware of their importance or don’t have time to create them.

It’s crucial that you take the time to make them, or a user with a disability might never be able to see your website. Sure, it can be a task to create alt tags. However, online software shows you an easy and convenient way of adding them.

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