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Ginger Software will help you to write better content with AI based suggestions. Check grammar, spelling, and other corrections.

Ginger Software Company Details

Co Name: Ginger Software, Inc.
Employees: 51-100
HQ: Massachusetts, US
Est Year: 2008

What is Ginger Software?

Ginger is one of the most comprehensive AI writing assistant software that you can use to write better content for your project.

It will make sure that your content is written with correct grammar and spelling and it will help you to improve your writing style. Along with checking grammar and spelling, it will check the context of your sentences and suggest corrections.

All the corrections can be accepted with just one click. The Ginger software will also help you to rephrase your content with better words and style.

Let’s have a look at the software in detail.

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Ginger Software Top Features

AI-based suggestions
Grammar & spelling checker
Quick rephrasing content
Context based suggestions
Works on all devices
Works on all important platforms
Better word and style suggestions
One-click corrections
Chrome extension
Multiple pricing plans

Ginger Software Company Profile

Ginger was founded in 2008 and the product has grown to be one of the top software in the AI writing support niche. It is used by more than 1 million users every week. The company has raised over $25 million in funding.
Est. Year: 2008
Employees: 51-100
HQ: Massachusetts, US
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Ginger Software Pricing

Ginger Software offers three plans to choose from based on the duration of the billing. You can go for quarterly, annual, or for two years. If you go for the two-year plan, you get the maximum benefit in terms of price.

The two-year plan comes for $3.99/month.

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Ginger Software Competitor Price Comparison

Quick price comparison with the related products to help to make a better decision.

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Ginger SoftwareYes$3.99/month$14.98/Month91.5
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Jasper AINo$29/MonthCustom93.25

Ginger Software Details

Ginger Software is one of the most comprehensive and widely used writing assistant software that you can use to produce high-quality content for your business.

It is an all-in-one writing assistant software with a Grammar Checker, Sentence Rephraser, Punctuation Checker, Spell Checker, and more.

Starting from your Tweet to your blog content, Gmail to Word Documents, the Ginger Software works everywhere to make sure that you have a constant proof checker.

Used by over 8 million users, the Ginger Software AI-powered writing assistant certainly is a top contender when it comes to writing assistant software along with the top Ginger Software alternatives that we have listed below.


Ginger Device Support

To start with this Ginger review, let's have a look at the device supported and where you can use the software.

Well, if you are using Google Chrome, just add the Chrome extension and you will be able to use the software on any blog, social media sites, emails, or anything else that you browse using the Chrome extension.

If you are a regular Microsoft Word user, you can use the Ginger add-on for Word and make sure that every sentence you wrote on Microsoft Word is correct.

You can also use the desktop and mobile app for Ginger software to extend its usability of the software.


Ginger Grammar Checker Review

Writing your content with correct grammar is extremely important because if you are writing blog content and you make grammatical mistakes regularly, your content will not rank higher in the search engines.

Also, it is very important from a user experience as well as a brand image perspective.

The Ginger Grammar Checker will check your content in the context of complete sentences and suggest you the changes you need to make.

If you are on the free plan, you can check upto 300 words at a time.

Sentence Rephraser

The Sentence Rephraser is another very handy tool by Ginger. If you need a better sentence, you can simply paste the paragraph and the system will give you a number of different variations to choose from.

So, it will make sure that you are never stuck and come over writer's block when you are writing any important piece of content.


Spell Checker

While typing really fast, we all make spelling mistakes. The Spell Checker by Ginger will make sure that you can avoid those typos in your content. You can add the browser extension and it will keep checking your content for spelling errors.


Punctuation Checker

The punctuation Checker is another important feature of Ginger Software. When it comes to quality writing, punctuation is very important.

The software will do a deep analysis of your content and  Ginger detects punctuation mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Ginger Software?
Ginger Software is a leading AI-based writing assistant software that can help you to write better content with all important corrections.
Q2. Is Ginger Software A Grammar Checker Tool?
Yes, Ginger Software is grammar correction software. However. it can do a lot more than just suggestions for grammar corrections to improve your content.
Q3. Can Ginger Software Write Fresh New Content?
Ginger Software is a content improvement software that can suggest you grammar and spelling corrections. It can help you to find better words and styles for your content. However, it is not a content writing software that can write content from scratch.
Q4. Can I Use Ginger Software for Free?
Yes, their Chrome extension is completely free to use. However, you will need a premium plan to get all the features of Ginger Software.
Q5. Does Ginger Software Offer API.
Yes, Ginger Software comes with the API option.

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