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One of the most popular writing assistant software that you can use to write your content with grammar and spelling.

Grammarly Company Details

Co Name: Grammarly, Inc.
Employees: 501-1000
HQ: California, US
Est Year: 2009

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used writing assistant software. be it bloggers, educators or big content brands, Grammarly is the most preferred software for checking content.

You can take advantage of the Grammarly browser extension to check your content on every popular platform be it your website, email, or social media sites.

Along with the grammar and spelling checker, it will help you to enhance the overall quality of your content by suggesting better words or writing styles. It also comes with a plagiarism checker to make sure that your content is unique.

Let’s have a look at the software in detail.

Grammarly Demo & Screenshots

Grammarly Top Features

Offers free plan
Easy browser extension
Grammar and Spelling checker
Plagiarism checker
Content tone adjustments
Vocabulary suggestions
Content tone adjustments
Works on all browsers
Works on all leading platforms

Grammarly Company Profile

Grammarly was co-founded by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider in 2009 and the company has grown to be one of the most popular software in this niche. The product is used by over 30 million users every single day. Grammarly is a team of over 800 professionals.
Est. Year: 2009
Employees: 501-1000
HQ: California, US
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Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly offers 3 plans to choose from. The free plan, Premium plan and the business plan. If you need features like tone suggestions, word suggestions, complete sentence rewite, you will have to go for the premium plan.

The Premium plan is priced $12 per month and the Business plan comes for $15 per month.

Grammarly Pricing
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Grammarly Competitor Price Comparison

Quick price comparison with the related products to help to make a better decision.

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Jasper AINo$29/MonthCustom93.25

Grammarly Details

To understand what makes Grammarly outstanding, you’ll have to see what you can do when make it work for you.

You can log onto your Grammarly account and then open a segment where you can check on whatever you are writing. You can write on the Grammarly page, or you can copy and paste something to it. There’s also the option to use the plugin on your web browser if desired.

You also have the choice to upload a document to Grammarly. The site accepts various file formats, including the doc, docx, odt, rtf, txt, htm, and HTML formats.


When you load up Grammarly, you’ll get various alerts surrounding your content. Here’s what you will come across:

  • Find spelling errors that entail basic mistakes or cases where a word doesn’t fit in a context.
  • A grammar review finds verbs and other words that don’t agree with anything you’re writing. Recommendations can appear to help you change the words in the question or to rewrite or remove a sentence altogether.
  • Punctuation errors will be highlighted based on what you should remove or add.
  • A fluency checker notes what works and may work better than others. You might be encouraged to use synonyms for certain words.
  • A conciseness review will identify cases where you’re being too verbose. You could remove a few words from something and still produce the same meaning. The review makes your work easier to read.
  • A formality analysis identifies when you’re using language that might be too informal out uncharacteristic for your writing.
  • Clarity is critical to your work. Grammarly identifies cases where you’re not being specific enough. You can find cases where you’re being unclear about what you are discussing. You can also find passive voice cases. You might adjust the writing to make things in the active voice based on the recommendations.
  • Synonyms may also be noted in a check. There might be cases where you’re using one word far too often. Grammarly can recommend synonyms based on those words, although you could also remove the flagged word and add your own if you wish.
  • A vocabulary checker will also find cases where you’re not using the right words in certain contexts.

Four Key Notes

There are four distinct notes that you’ll see in each review on Grammarly. These are all going to help you with identifying many opportunities for improving upon your work:

  • The correctness note will identify all the grammatical issues you have.
  • The clarity section helps to show that what you are discussing is clear and easy to figure out.
  • The engagement part can illustrate how lively your work is. There might be times when your content isn’t as exciting as it should be. The engagement section will report on different things that you are doing and what could improve when making your work stand out.
  • The delivery will be reviewed to see if it is working well, if it is slightly off, or if you need to correct things a little further.

The four notes used here will help you with going forward with the content you’re aiming to produce. You’ll have to plan the content out well enough to make it easier for you to go far in the work you’re trying to plan out in any way.

Tone Detector

A relatively new yet very handy tool from Grammarly, the tone detector will check the tone of your message. This is going to be very handy while writing an email or something on social media.

Writing correctly is not enough, how you write matters as well. The tone of your writing can make or break a deal at times. So, you must consider the tone of your content very seriously.

The Grammarly Tone Detector tool comes with a number of ready-to-use "Tone Types". When you wrote a message you can check the tone of your content and improve it accordingly.


Reviewing Plagiarism (Premium Feature)

It’s essential to ensure you’re not copying content from other sites. The plagiarism checker feature from Grammarly will analyze billions of websites to identify concerns where you’re even unintentionally copying your content from other sites.

With Grammarly, you can click on the Plagiarism section to see what your content is being flagged against. You can get a percentage rating based on how much content is being copied at a time.

You will also get links to the pages that you might be copying. The specific text that needs to be corrected will be highlighted as well. The notation lets you correct the content before you go too far and try to copy your content.

The variety of sites that Grammarly uses will help you with identifying possible concerns. You’ll even find some things on Google Scholar.

This lets you confirm what you are doing and ensure you’re not going to go too far with the work you’re aiming to plan out.

Please note: The Plagiarism checker option offered by Grammarly is only available on the premium plans. However, it makes sense to get the premium Grammarly app because the quality of your content is extremely important and you will never be able to make it big with low-quality content.

Works With All Content Types

One of the best aspects of using Grammarly is that you can get it incorporated on many platforms. You can log onto Grammarly and then leave it open.

After that, you’ll get regular Grammarly corrections through the browser extension if you are already using it. You can note the small icons on the bottom of the entry screen to let you know when you need to correct certain things. The icons can appear on any blog posts that you want to produce, but you’ve got plenty of other options to work with.

  • You can get your emails on Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and Gmail reviewed through Grammarly.
  • Messenger and other real-time chatting tools can work with Grammarly.
  • Real-time checks can also work on social media sites. You can get Grammarly to let you know what you’re doing right or wrong with messages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Various document and project platforms also work with Grammarly support. These include such platforms as Salesforce, Asana, and Jira.
  • Grammarly also offers support for Google Docs. You can use Google’s in-browser word processor program and other office apps from Google with certainty thanks to Grammarly’s reviews.

Works On All Browsers

One of the best parts of Grammarly is that you can use it on your blog no matter what browser you have.

Grammarly features a browser extension that you can utilize on various browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge among others that you might use for your daily work needs.

What About Mobile Support?

You can use Grammarly when writing anything on your mobile devices on the go too. Grammarly features a mobile app that works on Android and iOS devices alike.

The app will read content on your other apps or mobile browsers. The design is lightweight and will not take a while to start up when working on your content.

It should not take much for you to make it work. More importantly, the Grammarly app isn’t going to slow your phone or tablet down.


Customize Your Experience

You can adjust your Grammarly experience by making a few adjustments to your account. These include such alterations as the following:

  • You can add certain words to your personal dictionary. These include words like brand names or trademarks that might not be read by a traditional dictionary. The work ensures you won’t be flagged for misspellings for things that you’re trying to include on purpose.
  • You can specify the type of English you’re using in your work. Grammarly will review your work based on whether you are writing in American, British, Canadian, or Australian English.
  • You can set goals for what you want to get out of your work. Among the goals, you can adjust entail working with certain tones, a particular domain of work, the formality of your content, or the intention of your work. The type of audience you want to reach can be noted too. The goals can be used by Grammarly to identify cases where you’re trying to write in some way.

Review Your Performance

You’ll need to look at how well you’re performing to ensure you’re making the most out of your work. Grammarly will provide you with rating scores based on how well you’re writing your work.

The performance score is measured based on how you compare with other Grammarly writers. For instance, if you have a score of 85, that means you are writing better than 85 percent of all writers based on the goals you’ve set.

Your performance analysis will entail a review of not only how long your work is, but also the approximate reading and speaking times of whatever you are producing. You can also get an idea of how long your words and sentences are on average.

The work helps to identify the readability of your work. You can also notice how many unique words you are using and how many rare words you are adding to your content. The carefully arranged performance analysis will help you find opportunities for finding things of note.

Grammarly Free Vs Grammarly Premium

Here is the real question. If there is a free version why should I pay for the premium version? Well, not necessarily.

The free version of Grammarly is better than many paid tools. Once you have the browser extension, the tool will keep suggesting important corrections while you write on your website or social media sites.

So, if you don't want to spend those extra bucks; that is perfectly alright.

However, it is obvious that the paid version of the tool offers you a lot more features than the free version.

Premium Grammarly

The premium version of Grammarly comes with enhanced writing tools to help you create top-notch content.

  • Built-in Plagiarism checker tool
  • Vocabulary enhancement feature
  • Feature to check the genre-specific writing style
  • Readability checker
  • Enhanced message tone detector

About the Human Proofreader

The last thing to see surrounding your work is the Human Proofreader feature. This is an optional feature for your content and is recommended for academic projects or for many business presentations.

The Human Proofreader feature uses a few steps:

  • First, you will get your content saved in an appropriate file format. The doc or docx format is recommended.
  • You would then submit the file to the Human Proofreader section of your Grammarly account.
  • You can then select how much time you need to get the document reviewed. You can ask to get your work back in as little as 45 minutes if you’re in a hurry. You can also get your work reviewed in 24 hours.
  • You’ll get a link to a corrected file after the review is complete. Your work will be in a docx file and will have markings showing all the necessary changes.
  • You would then pay for the service after it is complete. The cost will vary based on how large your file is and how fast you need help. You could spend 1.49 cents per word in some cases.

The Human Proofreader feature works when you need to be fully certain that your blog post looks and reads its best. You’ll have to watch for the cost involved though, as it would be substantially more expensive than what you might expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Grammarly?
Grammarly is a very popular writing assistant software that you can use to write better and correct content.
Q2. Is Grammarly Free?
Grammarly is a freemium product. You get a completely free plan which is good enough in most cases.
Q3. Is Grammarly an AI Content Writer?
Grammarly is primarily used to check grammar and spelling errors or to check content for plagiarism. While it suggests content enhancements and sentence improvements, it can't write content from the scratch.
Q4. Is Grammarly's Plagiarism Checker Good?
Yes, Grammarly comes with a comprehensive plagiarism checker which can help you to make sure that your content is unique. Please note, the plagiarism checker is only available in the premium version of the product.
Q5. Does Grammarly Work Offline?
No, it doesn't. Grammarly needs an internet connection to work.

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Ease of Use
Features Score
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