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Find new topic ideas for your blog posts that are generated by AI after detailed SERP research to create topical authority.

WriterZen Company Details

Co Name: WriterZen
Employees: 11-50
HQ: Singapore
Est Year: 2021

What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is an AI-based content support software that you can use to generate new content topic ideas for your website to create topical authority.

It also offers you an AI content writer to create a content outline with competitive headings and subheadings.

It can be a very handy software and support system through the process of creating content for your business. It comes with a simple user interface making it easier for the users to make the best out of the software.

Finding new topics for a blog is often a problem. After a certain period of time, you run out of ideas, here’s when WriterZen can be a very handy tool and give you unlimited topic ideas for detailed research.

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WriterZen Top Features

AI writing assistant
Keyword explorer
Topic idea generator
Create content cluster
Detailed competitor analysis
Content outline generator
60+ Content templates
User search intent analysis
revenue forecasting tool
revenue forecasting tool

WriterZen Company Profile

Daniel Nguyen is the founder and CEO of WriterZen. One of the most comprehensive AI content writing solutions, the software offers a number of handy tools to improve your overall content strategy.
Est. Year: 2021
Employees: 11-50
HQ: Singapore
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WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen gives you the option to try the software with limitations before you purchase a plan. If you decide to go for the software, you have 3 plans to choose from. The price starts at $27 per month with annual billing.

$27/m (Yearly billing)$41/m (Yearly billing)$69/m (Yearly billing)
Keyword lookup/day 5075100
Keyword credits/month25,00040,000100,000
A.I writing words/month5,0008,00015,000
Topic look-up/day5075150
This price is with 30% OFF (Annual Billing)
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WriterZen Competitor Price Comparison

Quick price comparison with the related products to help to make a better decision.

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Ginger SoftwareYes$3.99/month$14.98/Month91.5
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Jasper AINo$29/MonthCustom93.25
SE RankingNo$39/Month$189/Month93

WriterZen Details

WriterZen is a complete solution for content writers that comes with some very handy tools that can help you through the process of creating a high-quality piece of content.

From keyword research to creating the outline for your article, the WriterZen software will help you at every step.

Build Topical Authority

WriterZen can be used for establishing domain expertise by creating a cluster of connected topics. Basically, the platform helps you to build a strong niche with the help of connected topics to show your website as an expert for a particular niche.

It becomes easier to meet the demands of customers’ intents and Google bots through it. The topic clusters can then be used for creating a blueprint of the website, which in turn, is useful in increasing the search engine visibility and ultimately makes you a winner in SERP.


The interconnected topics can be used for creating hyperlinks with all the necessary keywords. 

The competitor acumen feature of WriterZen can be used for creating content that focuses on your niche. A single seed word can be used for not only accessing but also ranking the topics and headlines from the top 100 competitors.

This is extremely helpful for making your website rich in a subject area of your niche. It further helps the user to create content that dominates the world of content ideas that have already been ranked by Google. 


WriterZen further helps the users to bid goodbye to writer’s block by suggesting topics based on Google Suggest Database.

This feature can thus be used to meet the user intent without investing too much in the research work.

The content gaps are easier to identify with Google Suggest Insights and a real contribution can be made by first identifying and then delivering the content. 

WriterZen Keyword Explorer

The proprietary algorithm of WriterZen helps the SEO manager to carry out complete research on the keywords and further, classify them with search intents by taking the scale into consideration.

The original source is used to identify the keywords of great authority and this ensures the integrity of the content that you are publishing. The proprietary algorithm provides information on search volume, trends, and cost per click. 

Discovering keywords that are low in competition but have high search volume is possible through the Golden Filter, which is patented by WriterZen. The Golden Filter of WriterZen discovers the demand for the keyword and the actual supply of articles related to it.


The ranking of the keywords can then be used to categorize them before using them to develop interconnected content pieces. 

WriterZen also ensures a higher conversion rate by helping the user build a content funnel that consists of integrated keyword clusters. One can also create a ready-made database on the basis of this research. 

The platform also helps the content creator to think like their audience. It is extremely helpful in creating a connection with the audience and of course, overcoming the writer’s blog.

The connection with the audiences through WriterZen can be built by using the insights provided by the platform which is collected in the form of Google search questions. 

The keyword explorer tool will give you a clear idea about a keyword with its ranking difficulty and help you decide before you start working on any new content piece.


Pieces The Content Together

Once the user figures out the topics, keywords, and additional insights, WriterZen can be used for creating an outline structure in its SEO-optimized editor.

Competitor research is a must if one wants to rank their website and the same can be done by extracting keywords and finding the winning elements through the analysis provided by the platform of the top 20 URLs. 


The editor of WriterZen is also very handy when it comes to delivering content that the users will like. The best part is that the editor is very user-friendly and also helps you create content that can be understood by Google bots.

In short, you end up creating content that is liked by both human readers and search engine bots!

Working on a single piece of content requires teamwork especially if one is trying to scale their website.

WriterZen supports teamwork by allowing seamless workflow and easy collaboration without actually having to share the WriterZen account. 

WriterZen AI Assistance In Writing

WriterZen has a GPT-3 powered A.I. writing assistant. This assistant helps the writer in their writing process by helping them to generate titles, descriptions, and titles that are unique.

The writing assistant further helps the writer to understand their own writing style which can be developed for creating content that maintains similar quality and tone. 


The platform supports more than 60 pre-built A.I. templates that prove to be handy in the cycle of content creation.

For instance, the outline feature can be used for exploring the content structures and then arranging the ideas in a logical manner to create a flow. 

Built-in Plagiarism Checker

Along with all the writing assistant tools, WriterZen comes with its own plagiarism checker tool to make sure that your content is 100% original.

The plagiarism checker of WriterZen can be used to give a final touch to the content that you have created by removing duplicate sentences.

Originality is always rewarded by search engines and plagiarized content is penalized. Through the plagiarism checker, you can always ensure originality in your articles and further, get rewarded for it. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is WriterZen?
WriterZen is a popular AI writing assistant that you can use to write SEO-friendly content for your site. The WriterZen system analyzes the top-ranking posts for any keyword and creates the content outline accordingly.
Q2. Is WriterZen Free?
No, WriterZen is a premium product that offers 3 pricing plans to choose from.
Q3. Is WriterZen an SEO Software?
Yes, WriterZen offers a number of SEO features to improve your content. It comes with a keyword explorer to help you find profitable keywords.
Q4. How Can I Get Discount on WriterZen Plans?
WriterZen offers a 30% discount if you go for yearly billing.

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