15 Best AI Writing Assistant Software 2024

Take your content to the next level with the top AI content writing solutions that comes with ready content templates.

AI Writing Assistants Overview

If you are looking for the best AI writing assistant software, we have listed all the top options available for you in this article. AI writers have become very popular in recent years as they have improved the overall content quality and some of the AI writers can deliver much better content with top SEO practices.

If you look at the current trend, software like ChatGPT has changed the landscape of the content ecosystem.

While ChatGPT is a good option, there are several quality software that are created just to focus on content production, and they are very helpful in generating SEO-optimized content outlines as well as detailed articles.

Let’s have a look at all the options.

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Quick Summary of AI Writing Assistants


Find new topic ideas for your blog posts that are generated by AI after detailed SERP research to create topical authority.

Ginger Software

Ginger Software will help you to write better content with AI based suggestions. Check grammar, spelling, and other corrections.

AnswerThePublic Logo

One of the best software to find relevant keywords and content ideas for your project. AnswerThePublic will analyze questions asked by users and present you the data.

INK For All

Know more about INK For All, an AI content writer that is used by over a million users.


A simple platform to improve your content with AI writing solution. You can rephrase your content, change tone and modify.


Write plagiarism free content for your website or any other project with Copyscape, one of the most popular plagiarism checker software.

Jasper AI

Jasper is a popular AI content writing software to write any kind of content automatically. Use ready content templates to get started.


One of the most popular writing assistant software that you can use to write your content with grammar and spelling.


Use Outranking AI writing assistant to create SEO optimized content with proper SERP analysis.


A powerful writing assistant software for brands to maintain high-quality content everywhere.

Hypotenuse AI

A comprehensive AI writing assistant that you can use to better quality content in automation.


One of the most comprehensive plagiarism checker software with DeepSearch™ technology

Clearscope Logo

Clearscope is a very handy software to make your content standout by optimizing it for search and user intent.

Rytr Logo

Know more about Rytr, one of the most comprehensive AI content writing solution for all different types of content.

Writesonic Logo

One of the most comprehensive AI content writer to write all different types of content with just a few click.


Create a perfect content outline as well as SEO-optimized content with the AI content writer offered by Frase.

prowritingaid Logo

A comprehensive grammar, punctuation & spelling checker software that can also help you improve your writing style and check for plagiarism.

GrowthBar Logo

One of the most comprehensive Ai writing and SEO software, GrowthBar comes with a number of handy tools to grow your business.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is one of the leading on-page SEO software that you can use to rank your content on the first page of Google.

Top AI Writing Assistants In Detail

Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $27/Month

WriterZen is one of the most comprehensive AI writing solutions that you can use to generate an SEO-friendly outline for your business. It can help you to find top post ideas and the right keywords to target through your content. The software comes with a comprehensive keyword explorer to find you find and analyze keywords. When you write content using the AI writer, it analyzes the top-ranking articles and creates the outline accordingly.

AI writing assistant
Keyword explorer
Topic idea generator
Create content cluster
Detailed competitor analysis
Content outline generator
60+ Content templates
User search intent analysis
revenue forecasting tool
revenue forecasting tool
  • Comprehensive keyword explorer
  • Discover new topics for your site
  • Simple & clean user-interface
  • Improve topical authority
  • User insights to get content ideas
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • AI content generator can be improved
  • No backlink-related data
  • Average plagiarism checker
Pricing Details

WriterZen gives you the option to try the software with limitations before you purchase a plan. If you decide to go for the software, you have 3 plans to choose from. The price starts at $27 per month with annual billing.

$27/m (Yearly billing)$41/m (Yearly billing)$69/m (Yearly billing)
Keyword lookup/day 5075100
Keyword credits/month25,00040,000100,000
A.I writing words/month5,0008,00015,000
Topic look-up/day5075150
This price is with 30% OFF (Annual Billing)
No data was found

Ginger Software

Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $3.99/month

Ginger Software is a popular AI-based writing assistant software that you can use to write error-free content. It will check your content for grammar and spelling errors and suggest improvements in terms of using better words or changing your writing style. You can accept the suggestions with just one click and make your content better.

AI-based suggestions
Grammar & spelling checker
Quick rephrasing content
Context based suggestions
Works on all devices
Works on all important platforms
Better word and style suggestions
One-click corrections
Chrome extension
Multiple pricing plans
  • Works on all websites and devices
  • One-click grammar and spelling corrections
  • Rephrase your content instantly
  • Writing style suggestions and improvements
  • AI-based synonym suggestions
  • Context-based corrections
  • Free option is very limited
  • Not good for social media content
Pricing Details

Ginger Software offers three plans to choose from based on the duration of the billing. You can go for quarterly, annual, or for two years. If you go for the two-year plan, you get the maximum benefit in terms of price.

The two-year plan comes for $3.99/month.

No data was found
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $9/Month

AnswerThePublic is a very handy keyword research software that scans through the questions that users are asking on search engines like Google and Bing and visualizes the data to help you find the right keyword for your brand that you can target through your content.

Keyword research
Discover new topics
Data comparison
Organize topics
  • Easy to discover new keyword ideas
  • Offers a completely free plan
  • Create your keyword database folder
  • Get regular alerts for new keywords
  • Lack traffic data
  • No data for in-depth analysis
Pricing Details
AnswerThePublic gives you the option to go for Monthly subscription or Lifetime plan. You have 3 plans to choose from in both options.
Cancel anytime. Pay nothing for 7 days.
Cancel anytime. Pay nothing for 7 days.
Cancel anytime. Pay nothing for 7 days.
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $44/Month

INK For All is a popular AI writing writer and SEO optimizer that you can use to generate unique and high-quality content for your project. It comes with over 130 ready content templates to help users create content for social media, blogs, and other projects. It is incorporated with an SEO content optimizer to make sure that your content is SEO friendly and ranks well in the search engine.

AI content writer
SEO content optimizer
Comprehensive content planner
Sentence formatting
Content idea recommendation
Keyword intent research
Competitor analysis
Vocabulary recommendations
Built-in word processor
Browser plugin
  • Cost-effective plans
  • Detailed content planning
  • AI optimized content
  • Robust competitive analysis
  • Simple user interface
  • Plugin extensions
  • Inconsistency
  • Incorrect content scoring
  • Misleading keyword suggestion
Pricing Details
INK For All offers a completely free plan with limited features. You can generate upto 2,000 AI Words per month in the free plan. If you need more resources, you may have a look at the following pricing plans.
No data was found
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $9.99/Month

Wordtune is an AI writing software that you can use to improve your content. You can simply paste the content and get multiple versions of the content with improvements. You can also select the tone of your content as per your need. It offers a completely free plan with limitations.

Free plan available
Simple user interface
Web-based solution
Quick content improvement
Change content tone
Modify content length
Google Chrome extension
Works on multiple platforms
Team collaboration
  • Sime and easy user-interface
  • Web-based content editor
  • Instant content improvements
  • Tone section for content
  • Works on all important platforms
  • Shorten or expand content
  • Free plan is very limited
  • Limited features as compared to competitors
Pricing Details

Wordtune offers three plans to choose from. It offers a completely free plan with limited features. The premium plan comes for $9.99 per month with annual billing. They also offer you a custom plan for teams.

Wordtune Pricing
No data was found
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: 3c/Search

Copyscape is one of the leading plagiarism checker software that you can use to publish content without any duplication. The software is very simple and easy to use. It offers a completely free version that you can use to check any IRL and duplications on the web. The software can heck PDF files as well as Word docs. It can search up to 10,000 words in a single search.

Free plan available
Quick URL checker
Check Word Doc or PDF
Check up to 10,000 words in a search
Simple and easy interface
Great accurecy
Offere premium API
  • Offers a completely free plan
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • PDF and Word Doc checking option
  • Check upto 10,000 words in one search
  • Offers premium API
  • Works offline
  • Limited features in the free option
  • No grammar and spelling checker
Pricing Details
Copyscape offers a completely free version to get started. You can check any IRL to see if there is any copy of the same content on the web. And their search is very accurate to find duplicate copies or even parts of the duplications. When it comes to the Premium version, the price is 3c for the first 200 words plus 1c for each additional 100 words after that.
No data was found
Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $29/Month

Jasper.ai is a popular AI content writing software that helps businesses create original, high-quality content. Jasper.ai's artificial intelligence technology analyzes data and information to understand the topic, then writes original content based on what it has learned. This allows businesses to generate new content quickly and easily, without having to hire a team.

Write original unique content
Ready content templates
Unlimited project folders
Grammarly Integrated
Plagiarism Checker
Long-form assistants
Ready content recipes
Surfer SEO integration
Over 25 languages supported
  • The outline generator is helpful in framing and structuring the content
  • Versatile and dynamic
  • Quick generation of high-quality copy
  • Analyzes data set to deliver clear insights 
  • Easy-to-use and learn
  • Helpful ready templates
  • Fails to connect two related ideas 
  • Faces difficulty in writing long paragraphs
  • Sometimes, it repeats the content
  • Sometimes, the system doesn't understand newer topics
Pricing Details

The pricing of Jasper starts at $29 per month and it increases as per word count. If yo go for the Boss Mode, the price starts at $59 per month and goes up as word count increases.

FeaturesStarterBoss Mode
Starts at $29/MonthStarts at $59/Month
50+ AI TemplatesYesYes
25+ LanguagesYesYes
Multiple usersYesYes
Chat SupportYesYes
Compose & Command FeaturesYesYes
Google Docs Style EditorYesYes
SEO ModeNoYes
Plagiarism CheckerNoYes
No data was found
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $12/Month

Grammarly is one of the most popular content writing assistants that you can use to write grammatically correct content. It is among the most accurate software in the content enhancement niche and it will guide you while you write your content and keep suggesting improvements. It can check grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.

Offers free plan
Easy browser extension
Grammar and Spelling checker
Plagiarism checker
Content tone adjustments
Vocabulary suggestions
Content tone adjustments
Works on all browsers
Works on all leading platforms
  • Offers a completely free plan
  • Easy-to-use browser extension
  • Works perfectly on all platforms
  • Real-time grammar and spelling checker
  • One-click corrections
  • Comprehensive plagiarism checker
  • The free version is limited
  • Plagiarism checker is not available in the free version
Pricing Details

Grammarly offers 3 plans to choose from. The free plan, Premium plan and the business plan. If you need features like tone suggestions, word suggestions, complete sentence rewite, you will have to go for the premium plan.

The Premium plan is priced $12 per month and the Business plan comes for $15 per month.

Grammarly Pricing
No data was found
Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $40/Month

Outranking is an AI content writing assistant that can help you to produce SEO-optimized content for your website or any other project. It will analyze SERP for any keyword that you wish to target and create the outline for your content with a proper header and it can also write the paragraphs that you need. It will also help you with an on-page SEO score to make your that your content is perfectly optimized.

AI content writing assistant
Detailed SERP analysis
Built-in SEO scoring
SEO meta title generator
Related keyword mapping
AI content research
On-page SEO optimization
Team collaboration
  • Excellent AI writing assistant 
  • Related keyword coverage analytics
  • Superb outline builder 
  • Step-by-step AI-driven optimization tool
  • Easy visibility of competitor SERPs
  • Methods for writing section is limited
  • Requires learning curve 
  • User interface is not much intuitive
Pricing Details

Outranking offers three plans to choose from. The price starts at $49 per month and you can get a 20% discount if you go for the annual payment mode.

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee in any of the plans.

SEO Documents102550
AI words processed60,000 250,000 500,000
Team Members13
No data was found
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $11/month

Writer is a feature-rich AI writing assistant software that will help you to maintain a high level of consistency when it comes to content for your brand. You can define the tone and the terminologies for your brand and no matter who writes, the software will help you to maintain the same tone. Some of the top businesses are already using Writer to create error-free and brand-able content. Set your dos and don'ts and get started with your content. It also offers plagiarism checker so that your content is completely unique.

Grammar and spelling checker
Readability check
Plagiarism checker
Content scoring
Custom writing style guide
Google Docs add-on
Create and manage word lists
Common mistakes checker
Banned words
Chrome extension
  • AI powered writing assistant
  • Autocorrection and auto complete
  • Brand terminology management
  • Robust editorial customization
  • Article outline and style guide
  • Team collaboration
  • Features are focused towards brands
  • Not a great option for individual writers
Pricing Details

Writer offers 4 plans to choose from. You can go for the Pro plan that will cost you $11/month. If you need more resources, you can go for the Team plan or custom pricing as per your need with the Enterprise plan.

Writer Software Pricing
No data was found

Hypotenuse AI

Free Version: No
Free Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $29/Month

Hypotenuse AI Writer is a content writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better, more engaging content. You can use this software to write SEO-friendly content for your blog or to generate product descriptions. It also works perfectly with Shopify to help you generate content for your eCommerce business.

Write original content
Include keywords in the content
Bulk generate product description
Can write content in more than 20 languages
Flexibility in the tone and voice of the writing
Supports complementary content types
Considers brad context to deliver tailored content
Custom CSV product data import
Supports Shopify integration
Feature-rich editor
  • Provides multiple outlines to maintain the flow of the content 
  • Creates e-commerce product copy in bulk 
  • Can deliver content in more than 20 languages 
  • Keyword input automatically creates keyword-rich content
  • Content can be both imported and exported with ease
  • Multiple posts cannot be deleted together
  • Sometimes, plenty of revision is required
Pricing Details
No data was found
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $9.99/month

Quetext is one of the most comprehensive plagiarism checker tools with over 5 million students, teachers, and professionals already using the software. The custom DeepSearch technology by Quetext will make sure to offer you the most accurate result by running your content against billions of content pieces. The software is easy to use and offers a detailed report around your content to take action.

Easy to use software
Offers free plan
Custom DeepSearch™ technology
Fuzzy matching
Conditional scoring
Contextual Analysis
Interactive Snippet Text
Comprehensive Plagiarism Score
  • A wide range of features and options
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • A wide variety of file formats supported
  • Efficient text recognition
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Some files may take a longer time to be processed
  • Requires an internet connection to work
  • May not be able to accurately recognize handwritten text
  • Limited customer support options
Pricing Details
No data was found
Free Version: No
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $170/Month

Clearscope is an SEO tool designed for digital marketing agencies and in-house marketers. It helps them with various tasks such as campaign management, keyword research, and keyword suggestions. The Clearscope platform was designed to make it easy for marketers to manage their content marketing campaigns.

Content marketing
keyword research
Content analysis
Competitor analysis
Keyword Tracking
Rank Tracking
Content optimization
User-friendly dashboard
  • Free training and onboarding
  • Flexible plan changes
  • Priority support
  • Ease of use interface
  • Limitless exporting and sharing
  • Plans not suitable for small-sized business
  • Limited information on products
  • Lack of semantic keyword suggestion relevance
Pricing Details
Here are the pricing plans of Clearscope.
Everything you need to get started optimizing content
Custom pricing
Advanced functionality for productive content teams
Custom pricing
Custom solutions for businesses that produce content at scale
Free Version: Yes
Free Trial: No
Starting Price: $9/Month

Rytr is an AI content writer that can help you write all different kinds of content. The software supports 29 different languages to write content. It comes with multiple content use cases to choose from. Be it a blog post, email content, social media ads or any other type of content Rytr is a very handy software to get that done.

Magic command tool
Blog Idea and outline
Cover-letter content
Call-to-action content
Email content generator
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Ads content
Landing page and website copies
Job description writer
Tagline and headline
Testimonial and review
  • Affordable plans
  • Time-saving feature
  • Ensures good content
  • Simple interface
  • Supports 29 language
  • Live chat support
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker
  • Cons
  • Lacks long-form generation
  • Limited free word limit
  • Limited input system
  • Pricing Details

    Rytr offers you 3 plans to choose from. It has a free plan that gives you the option to write upto 10K characters per month. While the free plan is not enough for a blog, you have paid plans to choose from.

    Here are the details of all three plans.

    Please note, you will get 2 months free if you go for the yearly billing.

    Key FeaturesFree planSaver plan at $9 a monthUnlimited plan at $29 a month
    Characters per month10,000100,000Unlimited 
    Use-cases 40+40+40+
    Tones 20+20+20+
    Built in plagiarism checkerApplicableApplicableApplicable
    Access to premium communityApplicableApplicableApplicable
    Custom use-caseN/AApplicableApplicable
    Dedicated account managerN/AN/AApplicable
    Priority chat support and emailN/AN/AApplicable
    No data was found
    Free Version: No
    Free Trial: Yes
    Starting Price: $10/Month

    Writesonic is a popular AI content-writing software that you can use to write all types of content. You can even write long-form content with up to 1500 words. It comes with a simple, and user-friendly interface to create content with just a few clicks. You can also use the software to discover new content ideas and create SEO-friendly content outlines. Be it blog posts or social media content

    Offer free trial
    AI content Writer
    Write all types of content
    Blog Idea Generator
    Write long-form content
    Write landing page content
    Sentence Formatting
    Paraphrasing content
    Product Description Generator
    Text Expander
    • Offers a free trial
    • Attractive UI
    • Credits Consumption
    • Accurate AI Generation
    • Create all types of articles
    • Integrations with various Tools
    • API Access
    • Limited Tone settings
    • Not the best for Technical Content
    • No SEO Optimization
    Pricing Details

    Writesonic offers highly competitive pricing plans when it comes to AI content writers. You can start with the free trial that will give you access to the software with 2.5K words and all the features.

    When it comes to pricing, you can select the quality of content and payment schedule. You have Economy, Average, Good and Premium content quality to choose from. Also, you can select monthly or yearly payment schedules, you get 33% OFF when you go for the yearly payment schedule.

    Services ProvidedFree Trial (2.5k words)Short Form Plan (12k Words)Long Form Plan (19K words)
    70+ AI TemplatesYesYesYes
    25+ LanguagesYesYesYes
    Landing Page GeneratorYesYesYes
    Article WriterYesNAYes
    Sonic EditorYesNAYes
    Bulk ProcessingYesNAYes
    Note: Save 33% on purchasing an annual plan.
    No data was found
    Free Version: No
    Free Trial: Yes
    Starting Price: $14.99/Month

    Frase is a comprehensive AI content writer that can help users to create perfect content outlines after analyzing the top-ranking content for any topic. It can write details long-form content with proper headings and subheadings so that your content ranks well. It offers a number of useful free tools to get started.

    AI content generator
    Ready content templates
    Content introduction generator
    Content outline generator
    Paraphrasing tool
    Paragraph rewriter
    Blog title generator
    Product description generator
    Product description generator
    Summary generator
    Sentence rewriter
    Experience Google's people also ask
    • User-friendly interface
    • Cost-effective plans
    • Free tools
    • Automatically generate SEO content briefs
    • Content outline builder
    • AI content writer
    • SEO add-ons
    • Useful research tool
    • User experience
    • Limited tutorials
    • Lacks plagiarism checker tool
    • Limited analytics
    • Lacks internal link data
    Pricing Details

    If you wish to try Frase before signing up for any paid plan, they give you the option to try the product for 5 days only for $1. Once, you decide to go for the product, you can choose from 3 plans depending on your requirement.

    FeaturesSolo plan at $14.99 monthlyBasic plan at $44.99 monthlyTeam plan at $114.99 monthly
    No. of user seats113 ($25 for an extra user thereon)
    No. of articles/month430Unlimited
    No. of AI characters/month20,00020,00020,000

    Note: A Pro Add-on plan offers three tools: keyword search volume, SERP data enrichment, and Frase AI writer for $35 a month.

    No data was found
    prowritingaid Logo


    Free Version: Yes
    Free Trial: Yes
    Starting Price: $20/Month

    ProWritingAid is a popular content writing assistant software that comes with a grammar checker, punctuation & spelling checker software. It also offers a plagiarism checker option to make sure that your content is completely unique. You can use this software to handhold you while you create your content, improve your writing style, find better words, and more.

    Grammar Checker
    Plagiarism Checker
    Analytics and Reporting
    App Integration
    Word directory
    Style Checker
    Word Explorer
    Style improvements
    Improve readability
  • Offers free version
  • Lifetime deal Option
  • Attractive UI
  • Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Data Visualization
  • Cons
    • Free plan is limited
    • No Mobile App
    • Paid plagiarism checker
    Pricing Details

    ProWritingAid offers monthly, yearly, and lifetime billing options to choose from. And you get a substantial discount when you plan to go for the yearly billing. It offers you a completely free plan with limited features.

    Here are the details of the pricing options.

    Note: Students can get 20% off on Pro Writing Aid Premium.

    Services ProvidedPro Writing Aid PremiumPro Writing Aid Premium Plus
    Annually (that works out to $6.60/month$79$89
    Lifetime access (includes all future updates)$399$499
    No data was found
    Free Version: No
    Free Trial: Yes
    Starting Price: $29/Month

    GrowthBar is a comprehensive AI content writing and SEO tool. It comes with a number of handy tools to help you create content and rank it better. It comes with a modern AI writer that can write all kinds of content, including long-form blog posts. It offers you a detailed keyword research tool, keyword rank tracker, competitor analysis tool, Chrome extension, team collaboration option, and more.

    AI content writer
    AI meta description generator
    Comprehensive keyword research
    Keyword difficulty analysis
    Keyword rank tracker
    Backlinks analysis
    Detailed competitor research
    Competitor’s Ad analysis
    Blog topic generator
    Team collaboration
  • Offers free trial
  • SEO-friendly AI content generation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • Keyword research tool
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Cons
  • No free plan
  • Basic backlink analysis (limited data)
  • More comprehensive alternative available
  • Pricing Details

    GrowthBar possesses three premium plans with a 5-day free trial. Here is a detailed review of GrowthBar pricing plans.

    Standard Plan Pro Plan Agency Plan
    Price: $29/month Price: $79/month Price: $129/month
    2 User account Countless competitive analyses of search traffic Countless organic traffic insights
    25 AI content outlines Monitor up to 75 SEO keywords Monitor up to 150 SEO keywords
    Unlimited AI blog ideas 50 AI-oriented content outlines per month 150 AI-driven content outlines per month
    Unlimited meta descriptions Three website And more
    Monitor up to 25 SEO keywords And more
    And more.
    These prices are with yearly billing.
    No data was found
    Free Version: Yes
    Free Trial: No
    Starting Price: $49/Month

    Surfer SEO is one of the leading on-page SEO software that you can use to improve the content strategy and ranking of your pages. It can help you to quickly analyze your content against the top-ranking pages for a keyword and give you the perfect information to improve the content so that the ranking improves. It comes with a number of handy tools to help you analyze and create your content.

    Complete SEO audit
    AI based content suggestion
    Build strong content strategy
    Find potential related keywords
    Suggestions based on top ranking pages
    Generate article outline
    Boost content ranking
    Repurpose old content, boost ranking
    Comprehensive content planner
    Content editor with guideline
    • Helpful for the SEO beginners 
    • Real-time score against SERP
    • Jasper integration
    • Supports keyword research and backlink research
    • Pro content editor
    • Price is on the higher side
    • No free version or free trial
    Pricing Details

    Surfer SEO offers three plans to select from. The software doesn't offer any free plan but you get a 7-day money-back guarantee that you can extend to 30-day by offering productive feedback to the team so that they can work on the product to improve it further.

    Basic Plan

    The Basic Plan comes for $59 per month and you will get a 17% discount and the price will become $49 per month. The Pro Plan comes for $119 and with annual billing, the price is $99 per month. The Business Plan comes for $239 and with annual billing, the price is $199.

    Basic PlanPro PlanBusiness Plan
    Content Editors 103070
    Audits Per Month2060140
    Natural Language ProcessingYesYesYes
    Team Member1310
    Grow FlowYesYesYes
    Pricing with annual billing
    No data was found

    AI Writing Assistants FAQs

    The AI Writing Assistants are software that can help you to improve your content by suggesting you corrections and modifications. Some of the AI Writing Assistant can also write content for you from scratch.
    No, most of the AI Writing Assistants are paid software that comes with monthly or yearly pricing plans. However, there are a few that offers free plan with limitations.
    You can use software like Jasper, Surfer SEO or Outranking to write content for your project.
    While some of the AI Writing Assistants can produce quality content, it is always recommended to have a second look and human touch.

    An AI writer is a computer program that can generate content for one or multiple purposes. The technology gets its intelligence from machine learning and natural language processing. These assist writers who struggle with writer’s block by generating new content ideas at scale.

    This technology is just one of many in the new dominant field of data science. AI writers are tools that either get input from the content writer or directly from already written content to assist them with the writing process.

    AI Writers are heavily used by industries that require content generation, such as digital agencies, marketing agencies and online PR firms, for client demand. Now, this software is mainly accessible to smaller businesses and start-ups. There will be many AI writers in the future as companies try to fulfill the need for more content.

    Who Needs AI Writers?

    AI writers assume the responsibility of human copywriters. They generate blog ideas and content at scale without risking duplication or getting writer’s block.

    There are many different ways in which AI assistants use their skills —grammar checking our work, scheduling social media posts or generating research articles on any given niche subject.

    The AI writer usually has a narrow task, such as editing one sentence filled with typos and grammatical errors, generating ideas for a listicle article or finding ten keyword-trigger words in an essay. Typically, users input the use case or parameters into their browser, and an AI program renders a piece without editing.

    Benefits of AI Writer for Your Next Writing Project

    The emergence of AI writers is not a surprise anymore. Technology has been around for a while, and it has been helping people with all kinds of writing projects.

    The world of content writing is rapidly changing, and AI writers are here to stay. AI writers are no replacement for human copywriters. What they do is assist content writers by helping them in their journey. Let’s look at some of the acclaimed benefits of an AI writer.

    They can help you with your writing skills: AI can help you in the whole writing process. They can help rid you of a rut.

    They can help you with your creativity: AI writers can enhance the creative juices of a copywriter and help them in every way —from building content to putting in new ideas.

    They can help you with your time management: AI helps save time by generating full-fledged content in a matter of a few seconds, thereby saving you an enormous amount of time.

    They can help you focus on your work: When you help AI writers take control of your content’s build, you can focus on other works, such as editing and creating further plans and strategies for content.

    You can steer clear of plagiarism or copyright infringement: Most AI writers come with an inbuilt plagiarism checker, a valuable tool in the writing and marketing industry. Plagiarism tools help save a write-up from getting flagged for copyright infringement.

    The Top 3 Pros & Cons to Consider Before Choosing an AI Writer Tool

    some of the pros of choosing an AI writer:

    01. AI writers are equally efficient human writers

    Artificial intelligence is the future of copywriting. AI writers are influential because they can produce text in various formats, including social media posts, articles, emails and more, at a fraction of the cost. Doing this saves time and energy for human writers who need to create all that content themselves.

    02. AI writers can generate content at scale

    AI writers help generate vast amounts of content and often exceed expectations. It significantly reduces copywriters’ workloads and allows them to focus more on their creativity. AI writing assistants like Jasper, Writesonic and Grammarly Business maintain professionalism while generating content.

    03. AI writers can help copywriters focus their strengths

    Copywriters often spend a great deal of time on formatting and grammar. With the copywriter’s assistant, they can focus on what they are best at and create great content in significantly less time.

    AI writers are not perfect, and they have their limitations.

    Some of the cons of using AI writing tools are:

    01. AI content is less engaging than human-written content

    AI content may not be as engaging as human-written content despite its benefits. The language used by AI can sometimes be stiff and robotic, which can make the content difficult to read.

    02. AI writers don’t have a sense of the customer’s voice

    AI-generated content is often criticized for needing to be more engaging. However, the quality of writing has improved drastically over the years. Newer algorithms analyze how readers act on different types of content. They then learn to generate similar kinds of content that are more engaging.

    03. AI writers produce low quality of work

    The work quality produced by AI writers varies depending on the topic. Some topics, like beauty products, are more accessible for these assistants to write about than others.

    The quality of the work produced is improving with new AI technology, and this trend may continue to be driven by artificial intelligence.


    Writing is one of the most tedious and unappealing tasks of being a journalist, which leads to editors needing more time to be involved with the actual writing in terms of providing content ideas or rewriting sentences.

    AI proves effective, whether maintaining natural-sounding English strings on a vocab level or writing a thesis with easily understood sentences. It is where AI writers come into place by creating winning content. Most places where these programs are used are websites, such as Forbes and Huffington Post, which need to publish articles 12 hours per day on various topics.

    AI writers are also great for generating content. They can ensure that there are no grammatical errors and that the sentence structure is correct. They can also help with editing, which is usually time-consuming and tedious. 

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